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Five Dates tells the struggle of dating during lockdown

Swipe down surfaces.

One of the few benefits of lockdown - for me, at least - is it's given me an easy excuse to bat away any unwanted family questions about dating. Not that they stopped asking. But some brave souls are continuing to use dating apps without the possibility of physically meeting up, and that's exactly what upcoming game Five Dates is all about.

Made by Wales Interactive and Good Gate Media, Five Dates is a live-action romantic comedy coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch in late 2020. It tells the story of London millennial Vinny, who joins a dating app for the first time in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown. The player can control how Vinny interacts with five interested women, and explore "whether compatibility, chemistry and connection are still possible in a world where physical touch is no longer an option".

Mandip Gill and Georgia Hirst, who both star in Five Dates.

It's a fast-turnaround project being made during lockdown, with sound equipment and iPhones sent to the cast members and filming taking place remotely. Several of those cast members are also pretty well known: the lineup includes Doctor Who co-star Mandip Gill and Georgia Hirst of Vikings. Wales Interactive previously made live-action game The Bunker, and are also working on horror game The Maid of Sker for release in July this year. Yes, the one that got sent a legal threat from the owner of the spooky haunted house in Wales.