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Here's everything that got an airing in Microsoft's latest Xbox indie showcase

Movie mystery! Golfing purgatory! More!

Those with an excess of free time and patient resolve might very well have delighted at Microsoft's latest, typically languid Xbox indie showcase, but for everyone with somewhat busier diaries, please enjoy this convenient summary of everything shown, bringing the likes of co-op escape room shenanigans, movie-themed mystery, and rogue-like golfing in purgatory.

Lost Eidolons, which kicked off today's livestream, is a tactical RPG from developer Ocean Drive Studio that casts players as Eden, a mercenary captain, sending them on an adventure across an empire riven by civil war. Expect turn-based battling and a "gripping cinematic narrative" when this one comes to PC and Xbox Series X/S in Q3 this year.

Cover image for YouTube videoLost Eidolons - Coming Q3 2022
Lost Eidolons - Trailer.

Next, Crusader Kings 3 popped up to remind everyone that the stunning medieval grand strategy game is coming to Xbox Series X/S (and also PS5) on 29th March.

Cover image for YouTube videoCrusader Kings III- Diplomacy Gone Wrong (Feat: T Pain)
Crusader Kings 3 - Diplomacy Gone Wrong.

As you probably know by this point, developer Andrew Shouldice's Zelda-inspired isometric action-adventure Tunic is more than a little bit fab. It's also out today on Xbox and PC - but Microsoft's indie showcase also brought the news that it's a launch day addition to Game Pass.

Cover image for YouTube videoTUNIC Launch Trailer
Tunic - Launch Trailer.

We've known bits and pieces about Telling Lies and her Story creator Sam Barlow's Immortality: An Interactive Movie Trilogy for some time now. But thanks to today's livestream, we now have a first proper trailer, plus a better understanding of how the cinema-inspired "investigative horror" will play out when it arrives this summer on Xbox and PC.

Cover image for YouTube videoIMMORTALITY - Reveal Trailer for the New Sam Barlow Game

Chinatown Detective Agency has been an intriguing proposition since its initial reveal, combining classic point-and-click adventuring with a real-world component that sets it apart from its ilk. Essentially, this hard-boiled cybernoir mystery requires players to step away from the game and do some real-world investigation to proceed, perhaps finding the source of a quote or hunting for an airport code. We'll know how it all comes together this spring.

Cover image for YouTube videoChinatown Detective Agency - Meet Amira Darma
Chinatown Detective Agency - Meet Amira Darma.

Cursed to Golf is a wonderfully silly blend of rogue-like and physics-based dungeon explorer that sees players attempting to navigate the 18 holes of Golf Purgatory, juggling a card deck and tackling bosses as they go. It's being developed by Chuhai Labs and launches "soon".

Cover image for YouTube videoCursed to Golf Xbox Announcement
Cursed to Golf - Announcement Trailer.

Trek to Yomi is a strikingly cinematic action-adventure following the story of a lone samurai, Hiroki, who has sworn to protect his town from danger. "Faced with tragedy and bound to duty," explains publisher Devolver Digital, "the lone samurai must voyage beyond life and death to confront himself and decide his path forward." It launches some time this "spring".

Cover image for YouTube videoTrek to Yomi | Combat Trailer | Spring 2022
Trek to Yomi - Combat Trailer.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is a kind of melee-focused martial arts adventure that sees players, in the role of Pseudo, punching and pummelling their way across a surreal fantasy world. Developed by ACE Team, it's coming to Xbox, PC, and PlayStation this November.

Cover image for YouTube videoClash- Artifacts of Chaos |Gameplay Reveal Trailer
Clash- Artifacts of Chaos - Gameplay Reveal Trailer.

Escape Academy, from Coin Crew Games, looks particularly nifty, spinning the escape room craze into a fully fledged first-person adventure as players attempt to tackle the puzzle-based, room-escape-y challenges set by the titular educational establishment - all as a shadowy plot begins to unfold. Online and local co-op is supported for those with big brain friends and it's coming to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation (and will be a day one Game Pass title) later this year.

Cover image for YouTube videoEscape Academy Announce Trailer
Escape Academy - Announce Trailer.

Shredders is a snowboarding game from developer FoamPunch that's promising a huge, diverse open world for its downhill escapades. It features a story mode, online multiplayer, and ample real-world nods - including authentic brands and appearances from pro snowboarders - and launches tomorrow on Xbox, Game Pass, and Steam.

Cover image for YouTube videoShredders is dropping March 17th! 🤟
Shredders - Release Date Trailer.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is a potentially very exciting new reveal, coming, as it does, from developer A44, which previously made Ashen. It's an open-world action-RPG set in a dark fantasy world where gunpowder has just been invented (think Lord of the Rings with guns), that casts players as a soldier assisted by a strange, magical creature known as Enki. So far, we've only got a cinematic trailer for this one, but it's out some time this year.

Cover image for YouTube videoFlintlock: The Siege of Dawn - Announcement Trailer
Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn - Announcement Trailer.

If you're into Roblox, developer Splitting Point Studios bought a heap of enthusiasm around their first-person shooter Rolling Thunder, and their segment was followed by a quick procession of trailers for Whalefall - an RPG-visual-novel-hybrid that's currently on Kickstarter - plus surreal locomotive-themed survival adventure Voidtrain, coming to Xbox later this year.

Cover image for YouTube videoWhalefall Announcement Trailer
Whalefall Announcement Trailer.

We also got a fairly sizeable look at developer Zelart's "brutal action-adventure RPG" There Is No Light. It's very attractive in a sort of grim pixel art way, and it's out on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC this year.

Cover image for YouTube videoThere is No Light - Gameplay Trailer
There is No Light - Gameplay Trailer.

Next up is WrestleQuest, described as the "world's first wrestling RPG". Speaking as someone with only a very minimal interest in wrestling, this did not capture my attention in the same way it seems to have done for others online, but if the idea of wrestling-themed turn-based combat, side quests, and cameos from a host of real-world wrestlers including "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Booker T, and Andre The Giant intrigues, it's out this summer.

Cover image for YouTube videoWrestleQuest -- ID@Xbox Announcement Trailer
WrestleQuest - Announcement Trailer.

Floppy Knights is a "turn-based strategy deck-builder" from Garden Story developer Rose City Games. "Take the role of Phoebe, programmer extraordinaire, as she tests her Floppy Knights creations with odd jobs around town," reads the official blurb. "Engage the collectible creatures ready to rid crops of goblin invaders, stop a volcano from going erupt, and prevent the Science Fair postponement in turn-based tactical battles." It's out on Xbox and PC in Q2 this year and will be available on Game Pass.

Cover image for YouTube videoFloppy Knights is Coming to Xbox Game Pass 🏆
Floppy Knights - Xbox Game Pass Trailer.

And finally, rounding out today's Xbox Indie Showcase, were a quick quadruplet of trailers for games all launching day one on Game Pass. There's wonderful open-world investigation adventure Paradise Killer (which is out now), exuberant top-down adventure Kraken Academy (coming to Xbox on 22nd March), sci-fi narrative RPG Citizen Sleeper (which is out later this year and has already piqued Eurogamer's interest), plus "cute and creepy adventure" Beacon Pines. And that's your lot for now. Farewell!

Cover image for YouTube videoFellow Traveller Day one with Game Pass
Fellow Traveller - Day one with Game Pass.