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Here's a look at PUBG's dynamic map in action

The way you magma feel.

PUBG Corp has been teasing upcoming map Paramo for the last few weeks, and on Monday we finally got a glimpse of the volcanic setting - along with a cryptic description of Paramo as PUBG's "first dynamic map". Today, the curtain has finally been thrown back so we can learn what that actually means, and PUBG has released a video to showcase what's in store for Season 9.

The way Paramo's dynamic landscape works is this: major landmarks are changed between matches, with certain compounds and locations changing each time you play. From the video it looks like this mainly takes the form of seasonal differences, with larger landmarks staying in place, but smaller outbuildings appear to shift and disappear between games. The map itself is 3x3, making it one of PUBG's smaller offerings, but the tighter space is packed with danger - including lava rivers that can damage vehicles, and a more punishing blue zone. Critical response kits are being introduced to help you revive your teammates in a second, and if you can survive long enough, it seems Paramo has some hidden keys and ruins to explore.

As for those heavily-teased helicopters, the vehicles will be used instead of a plane to drop into the map, while shooting a support helicopter will force it to drop goodies mid-match.

Season 9 is also introducing a new ranked season, and PUBG Corp has decided to bring back the solo queue due to popular demand. And, as ever, there's a new survivor pass with Paramo-themed rewards.

The next season is set to launch on 21st October on PC, with consoles following on 29th October. If you can't wait until then you can always take things for a spin on PC and console test servers, with the new update landing on 14th October and 19th October respectively.

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