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Here's a breakdown on Dragon Quest Treasures' loot mechanics

Goodwill hunting.

Square Enix has shared new gameplay details of the upcoming Dragon Quest Treasures, the upcoming role-playing game spin-off headed to Nintendo Switch.

Throughout the game, and as the name suggests, there will be a variety of treasures for players to uncover. This includes smaller items, known as "bric-a-brac", which will glow with a silvery aura when you come up to them.

You will also see your monster companions getting excited, and little speech bubbles will appear above their heads when they know you are in the vicinity of some goodies.

Cover image for YouTube videoDRAGON QUEST TREASURES | Teaser Trailer
Dragon Quest Treasures teaser trailer.

To find these treasures, you will of course have to explore a bit. This will first involve picking an island you want to set protagonists Erik and Mia (from Dragon Quest 11) down on.

When you have chosen your location, your "mysterious accomplices" Purrsula and Porcus will provide a "Treasure Forecast" for the island. As you may have surmised already, this forecast will give you an idea of what sort of loot awaits you.

In addition to their forecast, Purrsula and Porcus will also give a "Golden Ratio" for your chosen island. This "tells you your current party's suitability for finding treasure there", so definitely something to keep in mind.

However, while the previously mentioned bric-a-brac will be relatively easy to find, there are also some rarer treasures hidden out in the world.

These treasures will require you to use Fortune Finder, a special power that allows Erik and Mia to see a treasure's location "through the eyes of your monster companions".

While this is certainly going to be a handy little method for those looking to get their hands on as much loot as they can carry, there are some things to bear in mind. You see, each monster's "Treasure Vision" is different, so you will need to compare them all to get a clearer idea of where the treasure lies.

For example, a muddy hand's vision looks a little, well, muddy.

Want to hear a dirty joke?

Meanwhile, a Restless Armour's comes complete with a visor obscuring your vision.

A knight's tale.

Once you have your hands on all the loot you want, you can then tootle on back to the train and get it appraised.

Quids in!

Dragon Quest Treasures releases for the Nintendo Switch on 9th December. If you want to pre order, you can do that now (both physical and digital) and receive a smattering of in-game items as a bonus.