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Harmonix's VidRhythm is an iOS app

Small scale project out "relatively soon".

VidRhythm, Harmonix's first new IP since Dance Central, is an iOS app, the Rock Band developer has revealed.

Co-founder and CEO Alex Rigopulos told Gamasutra that the title, first mentioned last month, will be out "relatively soon."

"The VidRhythm project has a tiny team that's doing our very first project in this space," he explained.

He was unforthcoming on precise gameplay details but apparently it's more of an app than a full game.

As discussed earlier this month, the studio is in the midst of a creative purple patch following its split with former owner Viacom. As well as Dance Central 2, Rock Band DLC and VidRhythm, the developer has a number of other secret projects in the oven.

"As we've been in development on Dance Central 2 we've also been in development on a bunch of new ideas," exec Tracy Rosenthal-Newsom told Eurogamer.

"It's just been terrific to see the company get back to the core collaborative design process that we have – putting small games together, making prototypes and thinking up really innovative gameplay. We're super excited to see what comes of that in the future."