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Harmonix is developing something for Samsung's Gear VR

Could be quite the head trip.

Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix is developing something for Samsung's just announced VR headset, the Gear VR.

The future of rock could look something like this.

"Harmonix is developing software for Samsung's Gear VR," wrote the studio's community man Nick Chester on Twitter. "More info soon!"

"I can't wait for folks to see the crazy project I've been on at Harmonix for Samsung's Gear VR," added Harmonix lighting specialist Dawn Rivers.

The Gear VR will be used through the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 and is due sometime later this year.

Harmonix sure is busy at the moment with shmup A City Sleeps due 16th October on Steam, Fantasia: Music Evolved coming the following week on 21st October, and Amplitude HD along with the MIA Chroma somewhere in the pipeline too. Plus Dance Central: Spotlight only just came out today.