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Hands-on with the emulator that turns NES games 3D


Back in March, we reported on 3DNes - a new NES emulator that can display retro games in 3D.

The software looks at how flat sprites are layered in 2D games and uses this data to create 3D objects.

The emulator works immediately with some games, although others require users to tinker with objects to get them displaying correctly.

Now, the clever bit of coding has become an open-source project - and our Ian "Gooblings gamer!" Higton has been having a go.

Thankfully for him, the software is pretty clever - so if you tell it to display a Mario warp pipe as a 3D cylinder, for example, it will then go and display all warp pipes in the game as such.

Can Ian make a contribution to the 3DNes community, where members are collaborating to fix up NES games?

Watch our hands-on with the emulator - and see how far Ian got:

Cover image for YouTube videoTurning NES games 3D - 3DNes is really cool, but flawed