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Gun Jam is basically a crossover between Doom and DDR

Sounds fire.

Last month, you may have spotted a short clip of a rhythm-FPS during your Twitter travels, which went viral after developer Dan Da Rocha decided to share the team's progress. Given it racked up over 15k likes, I think it's safe to say it struck a chord with viewers: and it's now being made into a fully-fledged game called Gun Jam.

The rhythm-FPS, which is being developed by Jaw Drop Games (known for the QUBE games), requires players to shoot on the beat - as indicated by a Dance Dance Revolution-style stream of diamonds in the centre. It's a pretty unique core mechanic, and provides the player with a clear visual for nailing the timing.

"We finally decided to reveal what we had in the making and I was properly blown away with the amazing response that followed," Da Rocha said in a press release. "The core mechanics definitely have their challenges but I'm proud of the team for pulling together and problem-solving to achieve the vision."

While there's currently no release date, you can have a browse of the Steam page and add it to your wishlist over here.

Strangely enough, another rhythm-FPS has popped up over the last few days, as BPM: Bullets Per Minute was announced yesterday. This one looks a little closer to Doom in style, albeit with firefights choreographed to a beat. It's also got roguelike features in the form of randomly-generated dungeons, along with movement mechanics such as double-jumping and dodging to evade enemies. This one seems a little further through the development process, and is scheduled for release on Steam this August, followed by consoles this winter (via Gematsu).

Personally, I'm not going to complain about this sudden glut of rhythm-FPS games combining my two favourite genres. The more the merrier, please.

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