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GTA IV trailer on Xbox Thursday

6pm BST, with pics and theme.

The second Grand Theft Auto IV trailer will be available in high definition through Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow at 6pm BST (5pm GMT), Microsoft and Rockstar said this afternoon.

You'll also be able to download an exclusive GTA IV theme and gamerpics, if you're into that sort of thing. Quite why you'd replace the Battlestar Galactica one is beyond us, but then maybe you don't like Tricia Helfer? Is that it? You disgust me.

Anyway, those of you without Xbox 360s will be able to catch it (the trailer - not Tricia Helfer) on the game's official website at the same time.

It's called "Looking for that Special Someone" (we recommend Google Image Search). The first trailer, "Things will be different", can be found on Eurogamer TV.

The news follows the publication yesterday of photographs of the GTA IV Special Edition, showing off the safety deposit box, keychain, soundtrack CD and duffel bag you'll receive if you throw down the USD 89.99 Rockstar's charging. The lawyers clearly don't come cheap.

The game itself, as you doubtless already have tattooed to your arm (hi Pete), is due out on 16th October in the US and 19th October in Europe.

So then. Until 6pm tomorrow.