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GTA IV trailer on EGTV now!

Set in New York, see for yourself!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rockstar has released the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV, and you can watch it now on Eurogamer TV.

It will be set in New York and the main character appears to be of eastern European origin, Russian perhaps, sporting a heavy frown and suitable stubble.

"Life is complicated," he says, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. "Perhaps here things will be different."

Lots of impressive lighting is on show in the trailer, especially the movement of the sun through the buildings, and it appears as though lots of civilians will occupy the screen with you, in the busy Times Square area – or anywhere in Manhattan for that matter.

Special things to look out for, the "Get a Life" sign on top of one skyscraper.

From this evidence it seems Rockstar has a lot of game behind those locked doors, showing what is almost certainly game footage rather than pre-rendered cinematics.

Grand Theft Auto IV is due for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 in October.

Yes, we're excited. Even though we promised ourselves we wouldn't be.

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