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GTA IV has sold 8.5 million units

With 11 million shipped.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Grand Theft Auto IV sold 8.5 million units between 29th April and 31st May, with shipments to retail now at 11 million, Take-Two said in its latest round of financials, which announced a USD 98.2 million Q2 net profit.

It took Take-Two subsidiary Rockstar Games just a fortnight to surpass one million units sold in the UK alone, as part of six million sales in its first week on the shelves worldwide - worth USD 500 million according to Take-Two's figures.

However, the publisher also revealed yesterday that the much-anticipated GTA IV downloadable content for Xbox 360 has been put back a bit and will now appear in the company's November-to-January quarter.

And while 8.5 million is a bloody lot of videogames, GTA IV still has some way to go if it's to eclipse its predecessor, San Andreas, which NPD Group data this week pegged as the biggest-selling US release of all time with 9.43 million units sold in that region.

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