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GTA DS meetings held in pub - Hall

Rockstar Leeds explains dev process.

Rockstar Leeds man Gordon Hall has revealed the secrets behind the success of the portable versions of Grand Theft Auto: meetings at the pub, and everyone in the office plays the game once a week.

Speaking to The Times, Hall explained the two main rules at Rockstar Leeds. "Rule one is that every other meeting takes place down the pub, where we can talk and the ideas flow," he said. "See that road over there? There's a pub up the hill that'd go out of business if it wasn't for us."

And rule two? "Once a week, we have a day where we stop work, and everybody in the office, my PA included, will play a portion of the game we're working on at random. We listen to everybody's comments and try to make improvements accordingly. Over the two years we've been working on Chinatown Wars, everyone you see in here has played every single section of the game. We all know it inside out."

Hall also commented on the controversy that games like GTA: Chinatown Wars attract. "I want to get to the stage where we can produce a game for adults without people being shocked by the fact that we've done so," he said simply.

We, as you might remember, were very happy they did so, giving GTA: Chinatown Wars 10/10. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to Yorkshire to plant some bugs in a pub.