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Grim Fandango revamp confirmed for PC, Mac

Due simultaneously with PS4, Vita versions.

The Grim Fandango revamp has also been confirmed for PC (Windows, Linux) and Mac, and will launch alongside the PS4 and Vita versions whenever that happens to be - still no word on that.

Chances of the game - a "console exclusive" for PS4 and Vita - coming to Xbox One are understandably slim. Skeleton slim.

Grim Fandango is a LucasArts adventure game from a bygone era. But the stylish 'Day of the Dead meets film noir' setting and sharp writing (and rather challenging puzzles but perhaps I'm thick) make it an experience that stands the test of time. It oozes character.

Cover image for YouTube videoGrim Fandango trailer
Wow! This must be a trailer for the original 1998 game. Still looks good.