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Green Beret to return on XBLA, PSN

Rush'n Attack, to our US friends.

Konami is to revisit its 1985 arcade game Rush'n Attack, known as Green Beret in Europe, in a new Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network game this autumn.

According to Kotaku, which has screens, the game will be called Rush'n Attack Ex-Patriot and follow the side-scrolling stabbing and shooting template of the original.

It's set in a Siberian prison complex, bio-weapons laboratory and nuclear weapons base and has a post-Cold War scenario. New operative Sergeant Sid (yes, Sid) Morrow, call sign "Wolf Spider", has to retrieve an abandoned Harvest operative and re-evaluate the missile threat in a secret struggle between Russia and the US.

Ironically perhaps, given the Cold War heritage evidenced by the pun in its US title, the new game's being made on what used to be the other side of the Iron Curtain. New Czech studio Vatra Games is at the helm.

1UP reckons Vatra is also the mystery studio behind Konami's next Silent Hill. Vatra is a subsidiary of British developer Kuju.

Rush'n Attack Ex-Patriot joins a revival of Rocket Knight in a nostalgic year for Konami.