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Grand Theft Auto IV ships 13 million units

But no word on Lost and Damned sales.

Rockstar Games has now shipped over 13 million copies of Grand Theft Auto IV worldwide for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

That's according to motherpublisher Take-Two's latest financials, which also reveal that the Carnival Games titles have shipped over four million units worldwide.

Although Take-Two posted first-quarter revenues of USD 256.8 million (up by a little over USD 16m), its losses also went up from USD 38m to USD 50m, blamed on marketing, legal and R&D costs.

The publisher attributed the good news bit to strong sales of the abovementioned games and Midnight Club: Los Angeles, also from Rockstar.

However, in a subsequent conference call with investors (thanks GameSpot), there was no word on sales figures for the recently-released Xbox 360-exclusive Lost and Damned DLC for GTAIV, which analysts predict has already done over a million sales.