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Gorgeous Ghibli-esque platform adventure Forgotton Anne comes to Switch next week


Square Enix has announced that developer Throughline Games' delightful, and thoroughly sumptuous, Ghibli-esque platform adventure Forgotten Anne will be heading to Switch next Friday, November 9th.

Forgotton Anne (that's Square's treble-o, not mine) launched on Xbox One, PS4, and PC earlier this year to much delighted clapping and many kind words. It's a truly lovely thing, with a strikingly animated 2D visual style that evokes the delicate artistry of Studio Ghibli - one that's ably matched by a glorious orchestral score and some rock-solid voice acting.

It has a wonderfully appealing premise too, unfolding in a hidden dimension where items lost or forgotten in the real-world - be they toys, socks, lamps, hatstands, and everything in-between - go, coming to life as Forgotlings when they cross over the threshold. Players take on the role of Anne, an enforcer charged with maintaining order in the Forgotton Lands, who becomes inextricably embroiled in a world on the cusp of revolution.

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At its heart, Forgotton Anne is a relatively linear side-scrolling platformer, peppered with satisfying, if largely unremarkable, puzzles - most of which are based around Anne's ability to imbue objects with life energy or, in some cases, take it away. It's pleasant enough stuff, but the real thrill comes from the game's unquestionably dazzling presentation, its deftly written story, and moments where you're forced to make some surprisingly tough decisions regarding how certain narrative elements might play out.

"It's a game about a lack of knowledge - yours, and Anne's - and how this can be both a curse and a blessing," said Tom Phillips in his Recommended review earlier this year, "It's a game about forgetting things and about loss, about remembering what you had and the cost of doing so. Best of all, it's a game which will win you over with its huge amount of heart."

Forgotton Anne will cost £15.99/$19.99 USD when it comes to Switch on November 9th. There's also a 10% discount for those that choose to purchase it during the first week of sale.

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