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Google shoots down Street View FPS

Google Shoot View infringes terms of use.

Google Shoot View, a Dutch ad firm's attempt to transform Google Street View into an FPS, has been shot down by the search engine giant.

As reported earlier this week, the Pool Worldwide-developed project allowed you to virtually roam around your home town blasting away at pedestrians with an assault rifle.

Incredibly, it seems Google wasn't too impressed.

Pool's creative director Erwin Kleinjan told Business Insider that Google had reneged its right to use the Street View application protocol interface due to a violation of the terms of service.

"We received an email that apparently it was infringing on their terms of use, so we put the rest of the site down," he said.

Still, seems like it was pretty popular during its brief, four-day lifespan.

"At peak moments there were like 3000 visitors per minute. It also crashed our web server," Kleinjan added.