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GOD welcomes LEGO Indy, Saints Row 2

Plus: Winter Sports demo on Live.

Xbox Live's Games on Demand has grown and now includes Saints Row 2 and LEGO Indiana Jones.

THQ and Volition's gang-banger Saints Row 2 shrugged off the genre-shadow cast by Grand Theft Auto IV with aplomb, exaggerating reality for a hyped-up and carefree romp. We loved it, as our Saints Row 2 review testifies. Head to the Marketplace SR2 page to set the wheels in motion.

LEGO Indiana Jones, also £20, had a hard time following a string of high-scoring LEGO videogames. The core's still there, and both big and actual kids will enjoy the ride, but don't expect too much depth. Plus, an improved sequel has just been released, although it's got problems of its own. Digest Eurogamer's LEGO Indiana Jones 1 and 2 reviews before heading over to Xbox.com to download, if you like.

And, for those of you who don't feel like splashing out, there's a Winter Sports 2010 demo to try.