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God of War Ragnarök's New Game Plus mode launches today

New armour! Higher level cap! Loads more!

If you've polished off last year's God of War Ragnarök and have been waiting for an excuse to do it all over again, developer Sony Santa Monica might have just what you're looking for now it's sizeable New Game Plus update is live.

Sony Santa Monica announced a New Game Plus mode was on the way last December, but specifics were pretty scarce at the time. Now, though, in a post on the PlayStation Blog, the studio has detailed exactly what players can expect from their second go around.

As you'd expect, New Game Plus becomes available after clearing Ragnarök for the first time, giving players the option to carry their existing skills, equipment, and weapons (including the Draupnir Spear) over from their previous saves.

However, New Game Plus is offering a more than a just a tougher retread of the standard experience, introducing new equipment, new enhancements, and an increased level cap.

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On the equipment front, players begin New Game Plus with the Armour of the Black Bear - Kratos' furry cloak from Ragnarök's opening scenes - and there's also the Spartan Armour, summoning memories of Kratos' Greek past. Available from the Huldra Brothers' Shop, this is intended to further increase the New Game Plus challenge by denying players perks and stats, and by locking their power level to 1. However, it can also be transmogged with other armour for those who simply want to enjoy its classic looks without the difficulty bump.

Also available are Zeus and Ares Armour, both returning from God of War 2018's New Game Plus mode. The former greatly increases melee and runic damage while also increasing incoming damage, and the latter has a chance to drop a Health Stone when hit. The returning Spartan Aspis can also be purchased from the Huldra Brothers' Shop, alongside 13 new remixed transmog versions of existing armour, and the new Berserker Armour appearance unlocks after defeating the Berserker King on NG+.

Elsewhere, Ragnarök's New Game Plus mode increases the level cap for enemies and Kratos, and players now have the option to convert all their Level 9 equipment into special "Plus" versions that enable additional levels of progression. Doing so also awards a Gilded Coin used to purchase new enhancements from the shop. Enhancements are intended to increase players' build options by taking a selection of existing armour and shield rönd perks and allowing them to be equipped in Kratos' amulet alongside the usual perks.

Additionally, players can gain stat-boosting enhancements by defeating Berserker Souls in New Game Plus, and there are also special Burdens enhancements, which function as negative perks for those looking to tailor their own tougher challenge.

That's still not quite everything, though; New Game Plus also brings the likes of enhanced bosses with new moves, new progression paths, and an expanded Niflheim Arena, incorporating new enemy and companion options. Oh, and there's a new black and white render mode filter too, unlocked after beating Ragnarök once.

God of War Ragnarök's New Game Plus update launches today for PlayStation 5 and PS4, and you'll find a few additional details over on the PlayStation Blog.

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