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Go! Puzzle for PS3 in May

Sony confirms new date.

Sony UK has confirmed to Eurogamer this morning that Go! Puzzle will be released on 11th May.

It was due to come out last Friday, but was held back for an unknown reason.

The game is made up of three separate puzzles that you can buy from the PlayStation Store for GBP 1.99 each, or all together for GBP 3.99.

The Aquatica offering challenges you with lining up mines to safely detonate them; Swizzle Blocks gets you to clear screens of mounting coloured blocks by twisting them around to match up colours; and Skyscraper lets you puzzle your way up seven cities' worth of lofty towers, each with its own quirks.

All of these will tie your brain into knots in various game modes, as well as head-to-head mutliplayer puzzling.

Sony also confirmed PSN dates posted recently on ThreeSpeech, the unofficial blog-voice of the company. So, expect to see Calling all Cars on 18th May, Nucleus on 25th May, and Super Stardust on 15th June.