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Get Left 4 Dead early on Steam

Plus: Valve narrows down demo date.

Valve has begun taking PC pre-orders for co-operative zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, ahead of the 18th November launch on Steam.

Those taking part will be offered a 10 per cent discount, taking the price down to USD 44.99 (GBP 22.50).

Valve mouth Doug Lombardi also narrowed down the demo date for Shacknews. The sampler should arrive in early November, with a specific date to be set on Halloween: 31st October.

The demo, remember, will most likely be the first two maps of the hospital campaign.

"With just over four weeks until launch, Left 4 Dead is showing every sign of topping The Orange Box on both the PC and Xbox 360, at retail as well as on Steam," added Lombardi in a statement.

Left 4 Dead launches on PC and Xbox 360 in European shops on 21st November.