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GEON: emotions unveiled

Eidos' psychedelic XBLA game.

Eidos has popped the kaleidoscope to one side and revealed a new psychedelic puzzler for Live Arcade.

Dubbed GEON: emotions, your task is to roll a cube around a very colourful grid-based course gobbling up as many "E-mote" pellets as you can - a bit like Pac-Man after "using some drugs".

Each controllable block represents a different emotion, and apparently you'll be able to use the strengths of each to your advantage - although admittedly we don't have a clue how.

You'll be able to play on your own in Time Attack and Mini-Game modes, or with up to four of your friends in Duel, Team Geon and Last Man Standing modes.

"GEON: emotions is our first title for Xbox Live Arcade and we're really proud of it," said Simon Protheroe, new media and IT director at Eidos.

"It's the perfect mix of fun, action and head-to-head competition which works so well on Live Arcade."

Strawdog Studios is the team behind the game, and is aiming for a release this summer. But unfortunately Eidos was unavailable to tell us exactly when or how much it will cost.

Head over to our GEON: emotions gallery for the colourful screenshots, or into Eurogamer TV for the first trailer.