GEON: emotions

Geon: Emotions

Geon: Emotions

Time of the month?

Somebody has been working hard to make Geon: Emotions sound more enigmatic than it really is. Not content with letting the game's specifics hide within the vagaries of the abstract futuristic sports genre, the developer/ publisher/ PR agency has sought to further befuddle consumers with talk of gameplay based around 'playing to emotional strengths', 'using feelings to your advantage' and other such imprecise spin.

But spend ten minutes with the game and the shroud of mystery quickly slips off to reveal something quite conventional underneath. Indeed, the core mechanics are almost pedestrian, though the exciting, bright and good-looking visuals desperately attempt to communicate otherwise.

Contrary to first impressions, Geon is not a puzzle game but, principally, a racing game. You control a cube that must be rolled around a simple grid-like environment while gobbling up Pac-Man-esque pellets. Once you've collected a set amount of pellets you hurry towards a goal where you deposit them and score a token. You then head back out into the level to collect more of the remaining pellets until you have enough to buy another token, and so on. It's a two-player game and the race is to see who can score five tokens first.

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Geon cheers up XBLA

Today's new release.

Eidos's strange-looking Xbox Live Arcade puzzle game Geon: Emotions is due out today and will set you back 800 Microsoft points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 10.30).