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GDC: New Resistance 2 DLC unveiled

Extra maps and skins to buy, plus free stuff.

Sony has revealed that yet more downloadable content is on the way for PS3 exclusive Resistance 2.

First up is some free stuff, including what they're calling Meltdown 2.0 mode. It'll offer players a lot more freedom of choice as they fight for control of the maps, apparently. It will be supported on "most of our larger maps".

There's also a new co-op mode called Superhuman, which is designed "for more seasoned players". Expect higher grey tech and XP awards. Less skilled players can join in too - in fact, their more experienced friends can level them up. There will be more difficult challenges to face when you're in Superhuman mode, naturally.

For those who don't mind paying for their DLC there's the Aftermath pack. It contains three new maps, all of which are described as "smaller and more intimate" than the kind you might be used to. The pack will cost USD 5.99, with no word on a European price just yet.

Insomniac is also releasing six new skins. These will include one of Rachel Parker and one of a Ravager. Some of the skins will be customisable, and each one will be priced at USD 0.99.

The announcements were made in the PlayStation Blog Lounge, the room in the posh hotel where Sony courts journalists at the Game Developers Conference. A chap from Insomniac also revealed there are plans to develop the Nocturnal initiative, which is how the studio shares lessons it has learned with other developers. Their next goal is to release more backend knowledge - stuff about "script solutions that implement continuous integration by turning through all the data to ensure stabilisation", that sort of thing.

We'll be staying in the PlayStation Blog Lounge as a Home update is promised shortly. Also there are comfy sofas, complimentary Wi-Fi and free sandwiches. They haven't rolled out the beers yet though, come on Sony it's five o'clock somewhere.

Update: Ellie did of course mean Resistance 2 and not Warhawk, and must have been distracted by hair products.

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