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GC: Sierra gets Wet

Brand new IP unveiled.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sierra Entertainment this morning unveiled a brand new game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at the Leipzig Games Convention.

Called Wet, it's a stylised shooter starring a character called Ruby. She's an independent operator, acting as a gun-for-hire for anyone paying the right price.

Ruby comes equipped with twin pistols which can be aimed and fired independently of each other. She's also a master swordswoman, using her blade to make short work of anyone who was daft enough to think a bulletproof vest would save their life.

It's all about acrobatics and aerial stunts - Ruby can run up walls, for example, and fire at enemies while jumping and diving in slow motion. Plus she can make use of objects around her to take people out.

The game isn't out till late next year but you can take a look at it now over on Eurogamer TV, and we'll be bringing you a full preview shortly.

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