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GameStop hasn't heard of 360 Slim

Focus is on "system sellers" Natal, Move.

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GameStop's big boss Dan DeMatteo has said he's heard nothing about a new Wii nor a new Xbox 360. His comments were made days after convincing evidence was found of a Slim-style Xbox 360 redesign.

"We've heard the rumours like you have, of a Nintendo Wii upgrade early next year, but it's just that: a rumour. We don't have any confirmation on anything there," DeMatteo told investors during a Q4 2009 earnings call this afternoon.

"And we have nothing in our financial plans for anything different - either price change or new upgrade - of either the PS3 or the 360. I wouldn't be surprised if their total focus was on the new motion-detection devices, etcetera."

GameStop is convinced that those motion controllers will do big business, although the retailer wouldn't pick sides as to which would fly off the shelves fastest.

"Currently Project Natal is not included in our forecast at this point," began bigwig Tony Bartel. "But after seeing both Natal as well as Sony Move we are every excited about the amount of product it is going to allow us to sell - not only in terms of the actual peripherals themselves but also in terms of the software that we anticipate will be launched with that as well.

"Both of them will be hardware sellers," he added, "so there is no doubt they will be a major part of our industry by the time the year is done."

Both Project Natal and PlayStation Move are on a collision course for autumn. We went hands-on with PlayStation Move and all available demonstration games at GDC last week. Catch-up with our thoughts elsewhere on the site - we even stood there and filmed so we could analyse the lag of the device.

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