Super Meat Boy News

Looks like Super Meat Boy is headed to Wii U

Launches today for PS4, Vita via PlayStation Plus.

Super Meat Boy is coming to PS4 and Vita this year

Will launch as a free PS Plus title.

Super Meat Boy devs troll dodgy-sounding movie producer

Team Meat records clueless scammer, hilarity ensues.

Super Meat Boy / Mario Galaxy crossover is a great proof of concept

Demo reel taken to celebrate half of Team Meat's 30th birthday.

The Binding of Isaac sold 700,000 copies

"Maybe its time to bring this thing to console ;)"

Indie Game: The Movie download date announced

Coming to iTunes, Steam next month.

Team Meat lays into "abusive, manipulative" free-to-play devs

"It's a slap in the face to actual game design."

Super Meat Boy: The Game announced for iOS

Not "a sh***y port", developer Team Meat claims.

Xbox Live Arcade games Achievement limit to double

UPDATE: Microsoft confirms policy change.

Team Meat prototyping Super Meat Boy iOS concept

"If it sucks we won't release it."

HBO options TV rights to Indie Game: The Movie

Meat Boy/Fez doc wins acclaim at Sundance fest.

Cheap Super Meat Boy Steam bundle includes Half-Life 2

10 great games for a vegetarian £17.89.

Sale, DLC for Super Meat Boy XBLA

Team Meat has "patched things up" with Microsoft.

XBLA has "peaked" says World of Goo dev

Unaware Microsoft "sat on its laurels".

Pinball FX dev stands up for Microsoft

Tells Team Meat to "let it go already".

Super Meat Boy PC special edition dated

Find out what's inside the Ultra Rare set.

Team Meat starts "ambitious" project

Meat Boy 3DS ruled out, Mac port soon.

Super Meat Boy level editor for Steam

"There won’t ever be a Super Meat Boy 2."

Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition for the UK

Boxed PC version due this year.

Super Meat Boy PC gets 140 new levels

Plus, Steam price slashed by 50 per cent.

Super Meat Boy 3DS in the works?

Team Meat planning handheld title.

Meat Boy dev attacks Microsoft support

"It totally f****** hurt my feelings."

Free Super Meat Boy DLC released

Two new chapters available from XBLA.

Super Meat Boy tunes for Rock Band

Ludicrous difficulty confirmed.

New Super Meat Boy 360 levels incoming

Plus, PC level editor almost done.

Meaty Meat Boy extras in January

Fan levels! Super Meat World! Editor!

Super Meat Boy gets PC boxed edition

Gruesome artwork might turn you vegan.

Team Meat skewers PETA spoof

Steaks claim to Tofu Boy, admits spamming.

PETA serves up Super Tofu Boy

Team Meat's platformer goes veggie.

Free Super Meat Boy DLC goes live

Dare you enter The Sewers of Dross?

Super Meat Boy PC dated

Do you have headcrabs?

Team Meat "can't EVER do a PS3 version"

Sony didn't express "much interest".

New Super Meat Boy levels incoming

Free DLC patches bugs too.

Super Meat Boy delayed for WiiWare

It's too big for Nintendo's system.

No Super Meat Boy 2 planned

Team Meat dreaming up something new.

Super Meat Boy save fix on the way

Coming soon, says developer.

Super Meat Boy gets early price drop

Grab choice XBLA cut for 800 Points.

Meat Boy dev: Games are too easy

Plus, explains free DLC move.

Free Super Meat Boy DLC revealed

Is a "f**k you" to the system.

Hydrophobia, Super Meat Boy dated

XBLA release schedule revealed.

XBLA "Game Feast" this October

Super Meat Boy leads the platter.

Super Meat Boy coming to XBLA

Evil indie platformer due this year.

Super Meat Boy on the way for WiiWare

It's a platformer from creator of Gish.