Saints Row News

Saints Row on PS3

Boat when's it out?

Gangster-banger Saints Row will be appearing on PS3 in spring, according to THQ, which is "boat-sing" that it's the first open-world game on the console. Apart from Oblivion. And Godfather.

Saints Row festive update

Saints Row festive update

The Ho Ho Ho pack.

Volition has released a yuletide freebee for Saints Row which allows you to slip into a Santa Claus outfit to enhance your gang-banging rampages, before presumably Ho Ho Ho'ing all the way to the bank, or crack-den, or whore-house, or other naughty-thing-house-shop.

The full ensemble is up for grabs: coat, hat, boots and hair.

Unfortunately only virtual gangsters with Xbox Live Bling accounts will have access to this patch immediately, whilst inferior Silver hustlers will have to wait until after Christmas Day to get their greedy mitts on those famous red duds. Even more misery is in store for our German friends, who won't be able to dress-up at all.

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Extra map for Saints Row

Costs 80 points.

THQ and Saints Row developer Volition have released a downloadable multiplayer map for the latter's Xbox 360 exclusive gangster-'em-up.

Saints Row patched

Saints Row patched

Multiplayer focused update.

THQ and Volition have released a patch for Xbox 360's Saints Row, aiming to sort out a bunch of multiplayer problems as well as some general glitches. The "auto-update" should download whenever you next fire up the game.

According to the developer, lag ought to be reduced now, while it's also sorted out a range of issues including some exploits - like the "clothes stealing" exploit. We would've left that in, it sounds great.

Naturally, the update is required to play Saints Row online. Here's a full list of what's fixed:

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Saints Row DLC

Eye patch, clothes, etc.

As promised a few weeks ago, THQ and Volition have released a bit of extra content for decent-enough Grand Theft Auto clone Saints Row.

Saints Row content soon

But not on the 15th - THQ

THQ has denied that it will use September 15th to release a host of new clothes and tattoos for Saints Row players to deck their characters out in, but says we can definitely expect some downloadable content soon.

Saints Row patched

Saints Row patched

Mostly multiplayer fixes

I'm going to try and write this news story without a single childish, puerile reference to "multiplayer gang-banging", a phrase which I believe our American brethren take to mean something entirely different to what it means among sniggering, smutty types up and down the land here in the British Isles. It's going to be hard. Wish me luck.

After all manner of reports about technical problems with the multiplayer mode in its next-generation GTA-'em-up title Saints Row, developer Volition has reassured fans that it's hard at work on a patch which will have them popping caps in recalcitrant asses all over Xbox Live in no time.

The patch, whose existence was revealed in a post on the studio's own website, will fix a number of single and multiplayer game issues, with the chief improvements to the multiplayer aspects being better network latency, fixing connection ratings so that more large-party games are possible, and sorting out the matchmaking system to get people into games faster.

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350k Saints Row downloads

During the demo's first week.

THQ has championed the use of Xbox Live Marketplace to distribute pre-release demos of Xbox 360 games, revealing that the recently released Saint's Row demo was downloaded 350,000 times during its first week online.

Saint's Row demo goes Live

Roam (for) free.

As promised, THQ has popped a Saint's Row demo up on Xbox Live Marketplace. It's 904MB (!), and available everywhere except Germany and - you guessed it - Mexico.

Saint's Row demo dated

Due out pre-release.

THQ and Volition's Xbox 360 exclusive Grand Theft Also, Saint's Row, is due out on August 29th in the States - but you won't have to wait that long to try it out.

Saint's Row gets US date

End of August.

Volition's a-bit-like-Grand-Theft-Auto gang warfare game Saint's Row has been given a US release date of August 29th.