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FeatureUK Charts: Lego blocks number one spot

Star Wars fights its way to the top of the heap.

TT Games and LucasArts have fought their way to the premier position in the UK all-formats charts, as Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy becomes the highest-selling title this week.

FeatureUK Charts: Xbox 360 dominates top five

Dead Rising on top, Saints Row, Test Drive in close pursuit.

Capcom's bloody adventure title Dead Rising has bludgeoned its way to the top of the Chart Track all-formats charts this week, becoming the fastest-selling Xbox 360 title to date.

FeatureSaint's Row

We talk to lead developer Stockman, and take stock, man. Ha.

"Our development team, when we saw the various GTA games coming out, thought Rockstar had created a genre."

Saints Row

Hands-on with the multiplayer.

There's undoubtedly something of a dilemma when first playing Volition's Saint's Row. It's too easy to yell "It's a GTA clone!" and be done with it - you want to rise above that. But, erk, Saint's Row is so similar to Rockstar's series in so many ways that it's beyond impossible to ignore. The look, the map design, the animations... the gameplay, all walk that incredibly tenuous and crumbling pathway along the cliff edge of Inspiration above the fetid waters of Copying.

FeatureSaint's Row

Volition on Grand Theft Autopilot.

Soon every publisher will have a Grand Theft Also to call its own. Spawning from the fertile belly of Rockstar North's uber franchise we've already seen Take-Two (Mafia), Sony (Getaway), Activision (True Crime), VU Games (Simpsons Hit & Run, Scarface) and LucasArts (Mercenaries) score some of their biggest hits in years on the back of mission-based drivin' n' shootin', so it's hardly a massive shock to see some other publishing giants casting envious glances over their neighbour's fences.