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Sony confirms Resistance: The Trilogy release

Sony confirms Resistance: The Trilogy release

First three PS3 games bundled up.

The first three entries in Insomniac's Resistance FPS series are to be bundled up and sold as one, Sony has confirmed.

The PlayStation 3 release was first sighted on Amazon France by CVG, with a 16th May release date quoted.

Publisher Sony has since confirmed to Eurogamer that the pack is the real deal and more details will be announced soon.

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Insomniac confirms it won't make more Resistance games

Insomniac confirms it won't make more Resistance games

Developer moves on from PlayStation exclusive shooter series.

Insomniac has confirmed it will not make any more Resistance games.

Insomniac boss Ted Price told VG247, "We won't be making any more Resistances."

Price's comments confirm the suggestion that Insomniac - now working on Overstrike for EA and smaller games for its new Insomniac Click division - was done with the PlayStation exclusive shooter series following comments from creative director Marcus Smith in August last year.

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Sony announces Uncharted Collection

Sony announces Uncharted Collection

Plus Resistance, Ratchet & Clank sets.

The first two Uncharted games are being taped together and put on store shelves from 22nd July, Sony has announced.

As well as the first two games in Naughty Dog's revered PlayStation 3 franchise, you'll also get a theme and avatar for Uncharted 3.

According to CVG, the same treatment is also being afforded to the first two Resistance games and Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time.

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Insomniac not making games for NGP

"Totally focused" on PS3, Xbox 360.

Ratchet & Clank and Resistance developer Insomniac Games won't bother making games for the Next Generation Portable - its focus will remain on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

New Resistance novel announced

New Resistance novel announced

Plugs gap between second and third games.

The Resistance universe is due to get a little more meat on its bones this summer, with the release of a second spin-off novel.

According to the PlayStation Blog, Resistance: A Hole in the Sky will pick things up directly after the conclusion of Resistance 2 and follow Resistance 3 hero Joseph Capelli's story right up to the start of the impending threequel.

No firm release date has been confirmed but we do know it's penned by William C. Dietz. You may remember him from such gaming novels as Hitman: Enemy Within, Halo: The Flood, StarCraft II: Heaven's Devils and Resistance: The Gathering Storm.

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Resistance 3 trailer reveal at gamescom?

Resistance 3 trailer reveal at gamescom?

Insomniac newsletter teases fans.

Insomniac Games has teased fans with the possibility of a Resistance 3 reveal at German gameshow gamescom this month.

"It's been a long road since we launched Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time to your rave reviews last Fall. While we haven't had any new game content to show you since then, that's about to change in a big way," an Insomniac newlsetter read (posted by GamesOnSmash). "And yes, we realize we're announcing an announcement, and that we announced this newsletter announcement via a Twitter/Facebook announcement earlier this week. We feel a little bad about announcing the announcement of an announcement but on the other hand, you're excited and so are we.

"With that, we're happy to reveal that we'll be announcing our newest game sometime between now and the Penny-Arcade Expo over Labour Day weekend. We're really excited to finally reveal this project, and we couldn't resist being the first to share the news with you. Even bigger news is that newsletter subscribers will be the first folks to see the trailer: the instant we announce the game we'll be blasting a newsletter with the trailer for you to view at home."

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Insomniac excited about Xbox Live

"That's a very cool opportunity for us."

Insomniac Games' Ted Price has told Eurogamer he is excited about working with Xbox Live for the very first time - it's a platform he's admired from afar.

FeatureInsomniac's Ted Price

"We've had a super-positive response from our fans."

Insomniac Games, the maker of PlayStation hits Ratchet & Clank and Resistance, has signed a multiplatform publishing deal with EA Partners. In other words, the studio is making a completely new IP that will be on Xbox 360 as well. That news broke yesterday; the internet was drowned in exclamation marks.

Resistance 3 announced?

Resistance 3 announced?

Mysterious billboard spills beans.

A billboard spied in Louisiana [not Los Angeles -Ed] over the weekend may have prematurely lifted the lid on Resistance 3.

The advert read "Resistance 3", and each letter was cut from a black background to reveal the skyline of New York City. PS3 and Insomniac logos are present.

But this billboard adjoins no ordinary petrol (gas) station. This one is bombed-out, and the fuel prices are way above average. Plus, the NeoGAF user (picked up by Kotaku) who took the pictures notes that this area of Shreveport, Louisiana is commonly used for film-sets.

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Insomniac hints at new PS3 exclusive

Insomniac hints at new PS3 exclusive

And taking all its people on a cruise.

Insomniac Games is currently working on an unannounced PlayStation 3-exclusive game, the developer quietly noted yesterday.

The announcement came at the tail end of a press release celebrating the fact that the Employer's Group has ranked the studio as the fifth best place to work in California.

"Insomniac Games is currently developing an unannounced title, exclusively for PS3," according to a footnote.

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UK charts: COD still biggest fish

Resistance 2 hits, Sonic misses.

The UK all-formats chart has settled into a familiar rhythm after a helter-skelter November, with Call of Duty: World at War top of the pops once more.

Resistance 2

Resistance 2

Fight the good fight.

In the great console wars of the 21st century, the exclusive first-person shooter is an elite paratrooper regiment, pushing deep behind enemy lines, paving the way for the long-term advances, claiming back enemy territory and banging the propaganda drum every step of the way. Resistance: Fall of Man, launched with the PS3, wasn't quite up to the job. It was a good soldier, but not an inspirational leader.

So when you fire up Resistance 2, you may find yourself checking the box to make sure you've got the right disc. It's so different to its predecessor in so many beneficial ways that it's almost an entirely new game. Picking up the story of Nathan Hale, a US soldier fighting back against the mutated Chimera menace in an alternate history where World War II never happened, it wastes no time transporting him from the rubble of Britain, via an unscheduled stop in Iceland, to the new battlefront: America.

It's a change of scenery that seems to have inspired developer Insomniac. As amusing as it was to begin in Grimsby and Manchester, there was always a suspicion these alien suburban locations didn't click with the Californian devs. The result was a grey game, made up of monochrome rat-runs through scenery that - cathedrals and other controversial landmarks aside - could have come from any documentary about the Blitz. Here you're dropped into rich, realistic environments that immediately impress. The detail level is high, and everything - from incidental objects to character models - is more alive and immersive. These new HD vistas, populated by characters that talk and move like real people, reminded me almost straight away of Half-Life 2.

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Resistance 2 and Banjo reviews today

Resistance 2 and Banjo reviews today

2pm and 5pm respectively.

It's that time of year! The big guns are queuing up to fire their fun into your shopping baskets, and after Gears of War 2 on Monday we've got another two reviews today that we thought we'd trail for you.

First up will be Resistance 2. It came out in the US yesterday (as did logic, arguably), and is out here on 28th November. We liked the first one (well, I did), but had significant reservations. Has R2 improved enough to claim a higher score? Find out at 2pm GMT.

Then there's a general embargo for Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts reviews at 5pm GMT. We've been quietly excited about this one (apart from when I shouted about it) for a few months, but now it's time to find out whether Rare's decision to wrench the bear and bird out of their platforming comfort zone has been worthwhile. Look out for that at 5pm GMT.

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Resistance 2 gets solid UK date

LocoRoco 2 gets a TBC one.

Sony's semi-official UK blog, Three Speech, has published a list of first-party PS3 releases dates that puts Resistance 2 in our gun-hungry hands on 28th November.

Resistance 2 beta begins in US

Resistance 2 beta begins in US

European one to start on Monday.

The beta for PS3 exclusive Resistance 2 begins in the US today.

That's according to the US PlayStation blog, which also reports it'll feature maps from three locations in the game.

European Resistance fans will have to wait till after the weekend to try the game out. Over here, the beta will run from Monday 20th October until Thursday 13th November. Keys will be given out via IGN, but it's not clear when.

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Resistance 2

Hands-on with the multiplayer modes.

There are plenty of clichés being bandied about at this latest press event for Resistance 2. Insomniac boss Ted Price claims it's "the biggest and the best game we've ever made", following up with the classic "it's ultimately up to the players to decide". There's been a lot of talk about how extra-specially powerful the PS3 is, and the chap in charge of the eight-player co-op mode has used the word "revolutionary" at least twice. And on top of all that, Price proclaims Resistance 2 is "offering more than any shooter in 2008, and at the same time being the best".

Resistance 2 beta in early October

Resistance 2 beta in early October

US and Japan get full release dates.

Sony and Insomniac Games will be holding a worldwide co-operative and multiplayer beta test for Resistance 2 in early October.

There are two options for getting in: premier or open. The first guarantees a spot, but only if you live in the US and buy episode 3 or an annual subscription to Qore, the online PS3 magazine thing.

Open access is more chancey, but simply requires putting your name in the digital hat on the Resistance 2 beta site.

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Brand new Resistance 2 video at 5pm!

Called Twisted History.

Stop by Eurogamer at 5pm UK time tonight (6pm CET / 10am PST) and you will be able to check out an exclusive new Resistance 2 video called "Twisted History".

Resistance 2 beta will be worldwide

Resistance 2 beta will be worldwide

Scheduled for September or thereabouts.

Insomniac has said that it will be running a public multiplayer beta for Resistance 2 on PS3 later this year and that it will extend to "all territories".

Originally announced as an exclusive part of PSN's downloadable Qore TV show, Insomniac reassured fans via Kotaku that there will be "many ways to get in", including a retail pre-order package in North America.

"For all of you folks outside of North America are up in arms because Qore is NA only, please don't worry," the statement went on to say.

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FeatureResistance 2

Ted Price shows us round the end of the world.

Insomniac boss Ted Price has a new favourite word, and that word is "scale". He used it several times during the Resistance 2 demo at Sony's E3 conference, and he's using it again now as he shows off more of the game behind closed doors.

Insomniac clarifies Trophy/Home comments

Resistance 2 support, not Resistance 1.

Insomniac Games has said that while Resistance 2 will have Trophy and PlayStation Home support, the features won't be added retrospectively for Resistance: Fall of Man.

"Great improvements" ahead on PSN

Watch this space, says Ted Price.

Ted Price, boss of Resistance 2 developer Insomniac Games, ducked a question from NickDude in our live interview earlier about his views on PlayStation Network, asking to be quizzed again once "great improvements" he anticipates are rolled out.

Resistance 2 at 720p, 30fps

But no word on an install.

Insomniac Games' President and CEO Ted Price has said that Resistance 2 is targeting "720p, 30fps" as its resolution and frame-rate.

Insomniac's Ted Price live interview on Wednesday!

Wants to talk to YOU about Resistance 2.

Having achieved the frankly bewildering by delivering Resistance: Fall of Man and Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction in 2006 and 2007 respectively, Insomniac Games is back to try and boss Christmas 2008 as well with Resistance 2 - so naturally we thought you'd like to talk to them about it.

Insomniac shows off Resistance 2

Will offer social networking features.

Insomniac boss Ted Price has taken to the stage at Sony's PlayStation Day conference to reveal more of the sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man.

Sony coy on Home game integration

Treats for Resistance and Uncharted?

Sony has declined to comment on suggestions it is encouraging first-party developers to add PlayStation Home integration to their games.

Resistance 2 is Sony's answer to Gears 2

So says VP of product marketing.

Sony expects Resistance 2 to go "toe-to-toe against Gears of War 2" in the battle for your money this Christmas, according to US VP of product marketing Scott Steinberg.

"More churches" in Resistance 2!

He's a funny one, that Ted Price.

Having upset the Church of England with its depiction of Manchester Cathedral in Resistance: Fall of Man, Insomniac Games has said that Resistance 2 will see it getting right back on the cross [surely "horse" - Ed].

More Resistance 2 details emerge

More Resistance 2 details emerge

Class-based online squad battles.

Semi-official Sony blog Three Speech has let loose more details of the newly unveiled Resistance: Fall of Man sequel.

Action will take place in the United States, apparently, and feature partially randomised geometry to keep things fresh each time you blast through it.

Those gigantic 60-player online battles will be squad-based, and have you choose your role from one of three classes: a hardy soldier with heavy weaponry, a special ops type for ranged attacks like sniping and a medic.

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Resistance sequel a sure thing

Resistance sequel a sure thing

Eight player co-op and 60 online.

The inevitable sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man has finally been unveiled.

It's the cover story on the February issue of US magazine Game Informer. The game will feature boasts co-operative play for up to eight players, plus enormous 60-player battles over PSN.

On top of this are two full campaigns (one may be a co-operative endeavour) set in what could be New York, if the Brooklyn Bridge-alike on the cover is anything to go by. We'll call it Earth for now.

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