Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena News

Atlus' message to fans after Sega buyout

Work continues on future titles.

After months of silence, Persona 4 Arena nears release in Europe

Fighting game to be sent to Microsoft and Sony shortly.

Persona 4 Arena won't release in Europe this year

Angry fans hit Facebook to vent fury.

Persona 4 Arena delayed in Europe

Due to "a number of issues surrounding development".

Atlus launches impassioned defence of Persona 4: Arena PS3 region lock

"The decision to region-lock P4 Arena was a business one."

Persona 4: Arena PS3 and Xbox 360 region locked

UPDATE: PQube working towards 31st August UK date.

Persona 4 Arena confirmed for Europe

Fighting game out this year.

Persona 4 remake for Vita revealed

Plus, Persona fighting game, Persona 5.