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Persona 4 Arena sequel announced

Fist pump.

Fine fighting game Persona 4 Arena is to get a sequel, Japanese mega-mag Famitsu has blurted (via Polygon, Shoryuken).

The do-no-wrong developer Arc System Works is naturally behind it, and is bringing two new fighters to the fore: Yukari Takeba and Junpei Iori.

Takeba is fast and armed with a bow and jumps around a lot - a technical description if ever I've read one. Iori is more of a brute, armed with a bat, and apparently has a baseball-style combo buff thing going on.

The new game lets you select either Normal or Shadow types of fighter. Normal grants Bursts whereas Shadow enables Shadow Rage, an ability that temporary allows unlimited use of SP Skills, Skill Boosts, etc for mega combos. How very offensive.

Existing characters are getting new moves and skills, and there are some tweaks to the fighting systems such as charged special moves.

Persona 4 Arena hit PS3 and 360 here in May. "In fighting game terms," wrote our expert Matt Edwards, "I'd have to describe it as the midnight carnival meets the midnight channel for some midnight bliss."

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