Lair News

Factor 5's cancelled Sony exclusive detailed

Rogue Squadron/Lair dev was working on Animal Wars.

Factor 5 accused of fraud by staff

Claiming some sort of switcheroo.

Sony back in PSN Thursday routine

Adds MGO beta, Warhawk expansion, more.

Just the one DLC pack for Lair

Plus a title update, explains Sony.

Sony unveils fresh Lair DLC

Analog dragons for next week.

PS Store re-launches here next week

Metal Gear Online beta dated, too.

Factor 5 surprised by Lair reception

Might have a way to win you back.

Factor 5 doing a new Wii game

Lair developer back in Nintendo land.

Lair delayed

In case you were wondering.

SingStar PS3 in December

Sony gets calendar out.

Sony dates key titles

Heavenly Sword, WarHawk.

Factor 5 finishes Lair

US version out soon.

Factor 5 boss backs Sixaxis, Wii

Wii went "extra 10,000 miles".

Sony clarifies PS3 game dates

Semi-official blog not quite right.

Sony clarifies PS3 game dates

Says official website is wrong about Heavenly Sword, Lair.

MotorStorm, Lair, HS in 2007

I.e. "Heavenly Sword". US dates.