Iron Brigade (formerly Trenched) News

Double Fine regains Iron Brigade publishing rights, PC version now 80% off

Games for Windows Live ditched, Steam Matchmaking added.

Next free Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles announced

A World of Keflings and Iron Brigade for your downloading pleasure.

Microsoft no longer charges developers to patch their Xbox 360 games

UPDATE: Microsoft confirms. Fez creator Phil Fish investigating if this is retroactive.

Tim Schafer: publishers aren't evil

But indie community is moving away from PSN, XBLA.

Double Fine aiming for a less prolific 2012

Schafer's studio on sequels, sales and Iron Brigade's future.

Voltron XBLA game release date

Update: Full XBLA release schedule listed, including Iron Brigade.

Iron Brigade release date announced, finally

Double Fine's latest out this month.

Double Fine details Iron Brigade DLC

Still no word on European launch.

Trenched dev forced to abandon title

Double Fine gives up name worldwide.

MS confirms Trenched European release

As Iron Brigade in September.

Double Fine: Europe will get Trenched

But "it might take a while".

Trenched trademark man vows to fight on

Wants to turn board game into video game.

Board game blocks Trenched EU release

"Trench" trademark already taken.

Trenched delayed in Europe

"Challenges with distribution" blamed.

Out This Week - 24/06/11

Fear 3! SotD! Street Fighter! Trenched!

Trenched release date announced

Plus, new trailer for Double Fine's latest.

Tim Schafer's new game Trenched

Aliens! Custom Mechs! Double Fine!