I Am Alive News

October's Xbox Games with Gold includes The Escapists

Super Mega Baseball! MX vs ATV Reflex! I Am Alive!

Fallout: New Vegas is now backwards compatible on Xbox One

As is Comic Jumper, Joe Danger, and I am Alive.

PlayStation Plus' April Instant Game Collection includes Zombi

Along with Dead Star, I am Alive, and Shutshimi.

I Am Alive PSN release date announced

Ubi's post-apocalyptic download out next month.

I Am Alive companion app hits iTunes store

Free maps, videos, Achievement/Trophy guide.

Xbox Live Arcade House Party schedule confirmed

I Am Alive, Alan Wake's American Nightmare release dates.

Xbox Live Arcade House Party 2012 line-up

Alan Wake, I Am Alive, Warp, Nexuiz.

I Am Alive director explains controversial PC piracy comments

A subject it is "not my part to talk about".

Why I Am Alive is unlikely to launch on PC

"If only 50,000 people buy it then it's not worth it."

Ubi Shanghai started from scratch with I Am Alive

Protracted development detailed by Ubisoft.

I Am Alive re-announced by Ubisoft

New trailer shows fresh gameplay.

I Am Alive gameplay details revealed

ESRB rating talks "sexual mistreatment".

I Am Alive evidence builds

Ubisoft updated its rating yesterday.

Ubi canned "Oblivion-style" Might & Magic

And tested "non-kill" FPS play in I Am Alive.

I Am Alive gameplay trailer, screens leak

M.I.A Ubisoft adventure shows its face.

I Am Alive release imminent?

M.I.A. Ubisoft adventure gets age rating.

I Am Alive dev announces Black Death

Darkworks readies survival horror FPS.

Ubisoft: I Am Alive and BG&E2 safe

Terminated projects were unannounced.

I Am Alive due out in 2011?

Darkworks chap's online profile says so.

Ubi pulls I Am Alive from Darkworks

Ubi Shanghai brought in to hit deadline.

I Am Alive delayed for "more work"

Out in financial 09/10 along with Red Steel 2, Assassin's 2, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon.

I Am Alive due by end of March - Ubisoft

Plus: dates for HAWX, Juarez, Tenchu.

Jade Raymond not doing I Am Alive

"At any level". Plus, it's first-person.

Ubisoft unveils I Am Alive

New IP coming to consoles next year.

Rumours swirl around new Ubisoft project

Jade Raymond producing I Am Alive?