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As Half-Life turns 20, Black Mesa unveils a reimagined Xen

On this day, 20 years ago, Half-Life was released. Makes you feel old, doesn't it? It's because you are old, you wrinkler. November 19th, 1998 - what were you doing then?

Anyway forget that, there's a new Half-Life game in development. No not Half-Life 3, although if Half-Life were 30 years old I could have written "Half-Life 30 today", which for a moment reads as "Half-Life 3", which is really exciting, isn't it?

The new game - or part of a game, really - is Xen, the final piece and pièce de résistance of Half-Life remake Black Mesa. But Black Mesa's Xen is much more than a simple remake of Half-Life's Xen.

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Half-Life has a new patch, 19 years after launch

Half-Life has a new patch, 19 years after launch

These are extraordinary times.

Valve's seminal first-person shooter Half-Life has received a new patch, nearly 19 years after its November 1998 launch.

It's nothing major, to be sure, but it fixes a few crashes the community had pointed out. That may not be much, but it just goes to show that Valve has not given up on its most well-known game despite it being old enough to legally drink in many countries.

As for the patch notes themselves, here's what we've got:

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Chet Faliszek has left Valve

Portal and Left 4 Dead writer runs out of Steam.

Chet Faliszek has brought his 12 year career at Valve Software to a close, our sister site GamesIndustry.biz has revealed.

Former Valve employee is suing the company for $3.1m

Alleges developer exploited minors for free labour, discriminated against transgender staff.

A jury ruled in favour of defendant Valve on 2nd November 2017, finding the plaintiff was not discriminated against for transgender or disability reasons, nor dismissed for such.

Play the Half-Life 1997 Alpha preview build, it's funny

Half-Life 1998 - the Half-Life - was very different to the preview alpha build of Half-Life 1997. And now you can see it for yourself.

A demo build of 1997 alpha found on a disc intended for journalists at the time, apparently, has been shared on the internet by Reddit user Jackaljayzer (via ValveTime).

"To play the alpha," instructs the site, "delete or renamed the '...\Half-Life 0.52\Half-Life\Opengl32.dll' file and then run '...\Half-Life 0.52\Half-Life\enginegl.exe'."

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Gabe Newell named as next AIAS Hall of Famer

Oh they'll induct anyone have they no standards etc..

Such is his influence on the world of videogames and computing that it's a wonder Gabe Newell hasn't been inducted into the prestigious Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame already. This coming February at the 2013 D.I.C.E. summit will be his moment.

Gabe Newell confirms Valve working on Source 2

Gabe Newell confirms Valve working on Source 2

Waiting for a game to release it with. What could that be?

Gabe Newell has confirmed what we all suspected: that Valve is working on a new game engine, undoubtedly Source 2.

When members of 4chan popped over to Valve's office to deliver Newell's 50th birthday present they also asked him some questions. The most pertinent was this:

“Is Valve potentially already working on a new engine? Source 2? Could or… could not be?”

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Black Mesa release date: The Half-Life remake is finished, sort of

Black Mesa - the Source-powered, modder-made re-imagining of Half-Life 1 - will be released 14th September.

Project Leader Carlos Montrero announced the news on the Black Mesa forum.

"On September 14th, you will see the first release of Black Mesa!" he wrote. "This will include our re-envisioning of Half-Life all the way up to Lambda Core. We believe this is a great way to provide a complete-feeling 8-10 hour experience with a solid ending, make our fans happy and help us make the best overall game possible."

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Half-Life Black Mesa mod gameplay videos hit the internet

Half-Life Black Mesa mod gameplay videos hit the internet

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! The Great Oz has spoken!"

Gameplay videos of Black Mesa, the long-awaited modder-made Half-Life remake, have hit the internet.

The first video, published by ValveTime.net, shows the On a Rail chapter from Half-Life, and is captured from a "fairly old build" of the modification, built using the latest version of the Source engine. Fans have been quick to criticise what looks like the use of iron sights for the .357 Magnum. Apparently, this is simply the weapon's zoom feature made available in the single-player portion of the game.

The second video, of terrible quality, was published on LambdaGeneration.com, and shows footage from the Surface Tension chapter. Again, the footage is taken from an old and, according to LG, outdated mod development build. Oh, and the music was added by LG - it is not from the game itself.

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Half-Life is ten, buy it cheap

I'd buy that for a dollar. Or 98 cents.

Valve's classic first-person shooter Half-Life is ten years old. To celebrate its birthday yesterday, the developer has made it available to buy for 98 of your American cents.