Firewatch News

Valve acquires Firewatch developer Campo Santo

"It quickly became an obvious match".

Steam counters "review bombing" by adding time graphs to game scores

"See how a game's reviews have evolved over time."

Firewatch's excellent score gets a vinyl version

From the composer of Gone Home and Thirty Flights of Loving.

Firewatch now has a Free-Roam Mode

UPDATE: PS4 Pro support detailed.

Firewatch spreading to Xbox One later this month

Audio Tour and free-roam modes coming to all versions for free.

Ford uses copyrighted Firewatch art in ad campaign

UPDATE: Campo Santo responds with cheeky promo.

Firewatch has sold half a million copies

Developer got "investment back in about one day".

Firewatch PS4 patch 1.02 improves framerate and draw distance

Dev planning to upgrade to upcoming version of Unity.

Firewatch dev assures a PS4 framerate fix is on the way

"We're working actually, literally, around-the-clock on it."

Firewatch on Steam lets you buy physical copies of in-game photos

UK pricing and shipping detailed. Time to get scrapbooking!

Firewatch signals a February release date

Simultaneous release on PS4, PC and Mac.

Firewatch to gets its console debut on PS4

Firewatch its hot new trailer.

Ex-The Walking Dead devs at Campo Santo announce new game

Introducing Firewatch, a "first-person exploration mystery" set in Wyoming.