Duke Nukem Forever Videos

Video | Duke Nukem's Capture the Babe mode

Eurogamer tests the King online.

Digital Foundry | Duke Nukem Forever Consoles vs. PC Face-Off

Xbox 360 and PS3 versions up against the PC original.

Digital Foundry | Duke Nukem Forever PS3/360 Face-Off

On the face of it, tearing is the only difference.

Digital Foundry | Duke Nukem Forever PS3/360 Performance

PS3 is leagues ahead of 360 in this FPS showdown.

Video | Duke Nukem Forever launch trailer

Guns, girls and a triple-breasted boss.

Video | Duke Nukem Forever autopsy teaser

Footage of dissected Duke victim.

Video | Duke Nukem Forever trails Duke Nudem

Soft-core porn mini-game launched.

Video | Duke Nukem Forever developer diary

Randy Pitchford discusses Duke 3D.

Video | Duke Nukem first access demo dated

Pitchford announes 3rd June arrival.

Video | Duke Nukem Forever TV trailer

Can the King tone down for TV?

Video | Uncensored Duke Nukem Forever trailer

NSFW new footage from the King.

Video | The girls of Duke Nukem Forever vid

Another tasteful, insightful trailer.

Video | First Duke Nukem Forever dev diary

Randy Pitchford on the series' origins.

Video | Duke Nukem Forever Jetpack stunt

Pre-patch exploding head punch!

Video | Duke Nukem Forever reveal trailer

"We're f***ing bringing it."