Duke Nukem Forever Videos

VideoDuke Nukem's Capture the Babe mode

Eurogamer tests the King online.

Digital FoundryDuke Nukem Forever Consoles vs. PC Face-Off

Xbox 360 and PS3 versions up against the PC original.

Digital FoundryDuke Nukem Forever PS3/360 Face-Off

On the face of it, tearing is the only difference.

Digital FoundryDuke Nukem Forever PS3/360 Performance

PS3 is leagues ahead of 360 in this FPS showdown.

VideoDuke Nukem Forever launch trailer

Guns, girls and a triple-breasted boss.

VideoDuke Nukem Forever autopsy teaser

Footage of dissected Duke victim.

VideoDuke Nukem Forever trails Duke Nudem

Soft-core porn mini-game launched.

VideoDuke Nukem Forever developer diary

Randy Pitchford discusses Duke 3D.

VideoDuke Nukem first access demo dated

Pitchford announes 3rd June arrival.

VideoDuke Nukem Forever TV trailer

Can the King tone down for TV?

VideoDuke Nukem Forever shrink ray trailer

The King cut down in size.

VideoUncensored Duke Nukem Forever trailer

NSFW new footage from the King.

VideoThe girls of Duke Nukem Forever vid

Another tasteful, insightful trailer.

VideoFirst Duke Nukem Forever dev diary

Randy Pitchford on the series' origins.

VideoDuke Nukem Forever Jetpack stunt

Pre-patch exploding head punch!

VideoDuke Nukem Forever poo throwing

If feces you you're dead.

VideoDuke Nukem Forever delayed til June

Gearbox breaks the bad news.

VideoDuke Nukem Forever reveal trailer

"We're f***ing bringing it."