Duke Nukem 3D News

The sorry Duke Nukem saga continues as Gearbox sues 3D Realms - again

"Nothing about Duke Nukem is about profit at this point. It's about goodwill."

3D Realms may reclaim the rights to Duke Nukem - report

Cancelled Mass Destruction screenshot leaked, Bombshell won't be affected.

Gearbox sues 3D Realms over Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction

Original series creator admits "material infringement" and apologises.

Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction teased for PC, PS4

A top-down action RPG from 3D: Reloaded dev.

Duke Nukem 3D on Android "very soon"

"What are you waiting for, Christmas?"

Duke Nukem 3D remake shelved

Gearbox-endorsed fan project killed off.

Duke 3D revamp to get multiplayer beta

New website fleshes out game details.

3D Realms shuts down

Take-Two retains Duke Nukem Forever IP.

Duke Nukem 3D for XBLA today

Foul-mouthed shooter to cost 800 Points.

Duke Nukem 3D dated for XBLA

What are you waiting for? Christmas?

Duke Nukem to be Hollywood film

Max Payne producer heading project.

Saved films for Duke Nukem XBLA

Out in September says Microsoft.

Duke Nukem 3D for XBLA finished

It's in Microsoft's hands now, says 3DR.

Duke Nukem 3D confirmed for XBLA

Hopefully this year, says Scott Miller.

Duke Nukem for XBLA?

3D Realms keen on it.