Battlefield 1943 (cancelled)

Key events

PC Battlefield Onslaught, 1943 cancelled

DICE doing "whatever it takes" for BF3.

Battlefield 1943 not released on PC

EA admits Store-based "error".

BFBC2 Ultimate Edition spotted

Comes with Battlefield 1943.

No release date for BF 1943 on PC

EA issuing refunds for pre-orders.

Jaffe: "Put commercial titles on XBLA"

"For the love of f***ing god."

Battlefield 1943 delayed on PC

"It was absolutely needed," says DICE.

BF1943 weapons for Bad Company 2

Two tickets to the gun show.

Battlefield 1943

War is heck.

No public beta for Battlefield 1943

Only a trial. PC version in September.

Live Battlefield 1943 interview

DICE talks dates, betas, and hilarity.

E3: Battlefield 1943

New shots.

BF1943 gets fourth unlockable map

Accessed by 43 million kills.

Battlefield 1943 to cost around a tenner

It's coming to XBLA and PSN in June.

DICE "feels good" under Riccitiello's EA

"It's definitely the right direction."

Battlefield 1943

Splatters from Iwo Jima.

FeatureBattlefield 1943

Pacific Heights.

Battlefield 1943, Bad Company 2 unveiled

More war for PC, PS3 and 360 this year.

Battlefield 1943

Tropic thunder.