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BF1943 weapons for Bad Company 2

Two tickets to the gun show.

DICE has promised that a handful of Battlefield 1943 weapons will return in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 early next year.

They will be a semi-automatic rifle, a sniper rifle and a sub-machine gun, according to a DICE Tweet (spotted by Joystiq). Although how and where they will be usable is unknown.

Battlefield 1943 roared onto PSN an Xbox 360 early this month atop a wave of critical acclaim - a healthy 8/10 stamp from Eurogamer included. A PC version of Battlefield 1943 is poised for September.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 won't appear until early next year, but looks set to build on the humorous, story-focused original with aplomb. Head over to our Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gamepage for more.

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