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Games turn children's fingers wonky

Experts predict wizening, gnarliness etc.

Children that spend too long playing videogames can grow up with deformed fingers.

That's according to US news channel NBC25 (spotted by GoNintendo), which heard from both experts and victims about the perils of our industry.

"Just by looking at these hands, can you guess this person's age?" NBC25 reporter Colette Stinger asks.

The hands belong to 15 year-old Whitney Leverette. Despite the dramatic introduction, only the tips of the fingers bend unusually. She's hardly the Elephant Girl.

"A lot... I dunno, most of my day was spent playing videogames," said Leverette, holding an N64 pad.

Mike Tomich, a researcher and author on such matters, has studied hundreds of children with wonky fingers. He said this happens as a result of repeatedly "pressing and twisting".

Dr Amar Sawar, a Rheumatologist and Neurologist, added that the earlier children begin playing videogames, the more susceptible their hands will be.

"I wish someone would have told me back then, because I hate looking at my hands," rued Leverette, "They're just gross."