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GameArts remaking Lunar for PSP

Mega-CD RPG now 17 years-old.

Japanese developer GameArts is remaking Lunar: The Silver Star on PSP for release this autumn in Japan.

The subtitle will change to Harmony of Silver Star, according to IGN's translation of Famitsu, to reflect a raft of improvements over the Mega-CD original from 1992.

Visuals have been completely redone, as has the art, music and user interface. GameArts even appears to be bolstering the original story.

That untouched story follows Alex, a boy whose journey to become a great Dragonmaster eventually has him save the fantasy world. It's a tale that's been retold before in enhanced ports for SEGA Saturn, PSone and PC, but we've heard nothing for around 10 years now.

It's also not the only oldie that GameArts is bringing back to life - the company is expected to unveil Grandia Online next week.