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From Software's cult US-president-in-a-mech-suit shooter Metal Wolf Chaos might be making a return

Courtesy of Devolver Digital.

Devolver Digital appears to be teasing the return of, or at the very least something pertaining to, From Software's cult US-president-in-a-mech-suit oddity Metal Wolf Chaos.

Before we go any further, a brief summary of Metal Wolf Chaos is probably required for those not in the know. Back in 2004, From released a rather...exuberant third-person shooter on Xbox in which the player, cast as the 47th President of the United States, attempted to wrestle back control of the country from his usurping vice president - by, and this is the crucial part, slipping on a hulking great power armour suit, roaring across America, and blasting the treacherous faces clean off the forces of evil.

All this while saying highly presidential things like, "I'll make you just like perforated cheese". You can see a bit of the star-spangled madness below.

Cover image for YouTube videoMETAL WOLF CHAOS opening

Somehow, Metal Wolf Chaos - perhaps the most all-American game ever made - never quite managed to get a release outside of Japan. Which brings us to Devolver's curious new tweet:

Now, either the famed indie publisher has suddenly been overcome with an irrepressible burst of patriotism, or something else is afoot. And the first clue pointing to the latter possibility is that the heavily armed eagle on the president's seal features the exact same three-star shield featured on the seal in Metal Wolf Chaos:

And then, of course, there's this telling tweet from January last year, in which Devolver said, "Count us in to help Metal Wolf Chaos get out to more gamers if From Software wants some help. #FreeMetalWolf". Could a deal have been struck?

At this point, it certainly seems likely that Metal Wolf Chaos will be making a return in some guise soon. But what form will it take? A port? A remaster? A remake? A sequel?!! Hopefully we'll learn more during Devolver's almost inevitably harrowing E3 press conference, which is scheduled to unravel at 4am on Monday, June 11th in the UK.