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FreeStyleGames working on Wii U karaoke title

Goes by the working title "SiNG".

Anyone wondering what the lovely chaps at FreeStyleGames were up to after DJ Hero crashed and burned got their answer during Nintendo E3 conference today with the unveiling of Wii U title SiNG.

SiNG is a karaoke game that uses the Wii U GamePad and a microphone. Judging by the pre-recorded video trailer shown during the conference, one player receives lyrics and dance instructions on the GamePad with which to direct other people. This allows the player to face their friends rather than the TV.

"SiNG" itself is a working title. FreeStyleGames' Jamie Jackson said he hoped it would help establish a "party vibe" for the people playing it. Hot.

"When we set out to make SiNG, we wanted to set out making something really interesting, really new, for that new console. Having that additional screen meant we could do something quite fun. And it would kind of change that social dynamic in the living room.

"SiNG is definitely a game you're going to want in your collection. You're going to want to play this with your friends and your family, and it's going to help create a bit of a party vibe."

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