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Free spooky psychedelic exploration game Césure is a nightmarescape worth visiting

For the Slave of God, Proteus and Memory of a Broken Dimension Crowd.

Césure is certainly an acquired taste with its goalless environment and surreal visuals, but with low-fi indie darlings like Proteus making the rounds it seems like there's a demand for these types of strange, exploratory experiments.

Developed by indie designer Noctuelles, Césure is described as a "tiny pure exploration game inspired by the more experimental works of Aliceffekt and Increpare [Stephen Lavelle]." As such, there are no objectives, puzzles, or anything one could consider to be a game beyond the ability to wander around. According to the developer's Twitter, he "makes strange places and calls them games."

You may remember Stephen "Increpare" Lavelle for his seizure inducing abstract rave simulator Slave of God, which Césure bears something in common with. It may also put you in mind of Ezra " Xra" Hanson-White's Memory of a Broken Dimension, which I momentarily thought this was upon first seeing it on

While Césure is more interactive modern art than a game, it's pretty evocative modern art, so if you're up for some moody psychedelic zen-like exploration, give it a go at Noctuelles' official site.

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