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Four more characters for MK vs. DC

The Joker, Kitana, Jax and Green Lantern.

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Four new fighters have been added to the roster of playable characters in Midway's Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe.

The Joker, Kitana, Jax and Green Lantern join all sorts of family favourites in the cross-over beat-'em-up, which is due out this autumn on PS3 and 360.

The announcement of their inclusion was made alongside the release of a new gameplay video from Comic-Con, which we had the foresight to snatch and publish last week.

The video shows off some of the shiny new whizz-bangs players will have at their thumb-tips. First there's Klose Kombat, a toe-to-toe palaver where you'll see 'progressive damage' on each fighter (what progressive damage means, we're not sure, but that's another great name for a thrash-emo band gone to waste).

The most eye-catching new ability is probably the Freefall Kombat, which involves throwing your opponent down onto the next stage of the level and beating them vigorously on the way down, calling to mind Killer Instinct and Dead or Alive to some extent.

This is illustrated in the video by a clip of handsome misogynist The Flash pummelling Sonia in the face, chest and abdomen as she plummets into one of the lower circles of hell. Charmer.

You'll also see Superman knocking seven bells out of Scorpion as he crashes him through several brick walls and "Bats" (superfan parlance) taking on Sub-Zero in a lycratastic man-on-man love fest that will have even the hardest hearts melting.

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