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Former Inside Xbox staff attempt to crowd-fund new games show

And have a healthy pop at their former employer in the process.

Explosive Alan Productions, the company set up by core members of the recently laid-off Inside Xbox team, has launched a crowd-funding drive to get a new games show off the ground.

The team, which includes IX co-host Dan Maher, wants $10,000 to pay for a pilot episode which it can shop around to various TV types in the hope of getting a full series commissioned.

Currently dubbed Project Possum, it will be a 25 minute show focussed on multi-platform gaming. The team has posted an in-depth manifesto on its Indiegogo fund-raising page outlining its goals.

There's also a thoroughly amusing video clip below explaining exactly what the project is all about, complete with a handful of wry digs at former employer Microsoft.

"Your overwhelming response to the closure of Inside Xbox told us that you feel that you're not being heard or appreciated, that you feel undermined, that your loyalty has been exploited rather than rewarded, and that gaming is taking a back seat to 'entertainment'," said Maher.

"The thing is, we totally agree with you, and we want to give you a chance to prove that you can make a difference."

At the time of writing, it had racked up an impressive $7274, with 31 days of fund-raising still left to run.

Last week, Xbox's European chief Chris Lewis told Eurogamer why the platform holder had decided to axe the on-console video service.

"We just felt it had reached a logical and natural position where we felt that we had a strong voice to that community in any case," he said.

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