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Forever Skies is an intriguing post-climate crisis sci-fi survival game

Debut from former Dying Light devs.

Here's a quick look at Forever Skies, a new post-apocalyptic survival game set after the impending climate crisis.

It's not all doom and gloom - humanity still survives above the clouds, though it's not looking great for us either. You play a scientist who ventures back down to the planet's ruined surface in an airship for clues on what went wrong. (Spoilers: NFTs?)

Forever Skies is the work of Far From Home, a new Polish development team based in Wroclaw - and nothing to do with Spider-Man. Staff on the project previously worked on Dying Light, Divinity Original Sin, Outriders and League of Legends.

Today's trailer doesn't give a whole lot away, though an accompanying press release notes you'll be scavenging, customising your airship to explore Earth's ruined surface, and fighting against "evolved and dangerous" creatures.

The current development plan is to launch in 2022 as a single-player game via Steam Early Access, then add a four-player co-op mode after a year of fine-tuning. A console version is also coming.

One to keep an eye on?

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Forever Skies


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