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For the King 2's latest trailer reveals landboats and recruitable pets

Coming to PC later this year.

For the King 2 promotional art showing four adventurers surveying a mysterious castle that stands in the distance before them.
Image credit: IronOak Games/Curve Digital

Developer IronOak Games has teased a little more of For the King 2 - the sequel to its wonderful tabletop-RPG-meets-digital-board-game adventure - with its latest trailer revealing a handful of new features including landboats and recruitable pets.

The original For The King was a bit of a treat, blending familiar RPG staples - dungeon crawling, questing, turn-based exploration and combat, loot acquisition, and so on - into a light-hearted, optionally co-operative rogue-like adventure with some neat story generation through its myriad randomised narrative events.

Much of that core remains in place in For The King 2, but the sequel - which pits players against the kingdom of Fahrul's tyrannical queen 20 years after the end of the first game - adds new biomes, expanded co-op for up to four players (now also available online), increased customisaton across classes, armour, and weapons, plus a new, more strategic lane-based combat system which is detailed more thoroughly here.

For The King 2 - Resistance trailer.Watch on YouTube

On top of all that, as glimpsed in For the King 2's latest trailer, the sequel introduces recruitable mercenaries and pets (which can join and fight alongside the main party), plus landboats, used to traverse the fraught land of Fahrul. IronOak has also confirmed the return of the original game's Scourge system, in which powerful enemies present on the map will negatively impact the world in unique ways until defeated.

For the King 2 doesn't have a release date yet but it's set to arrive on PC later this year.